The Course

Course Map

Course MapDownload a PDF version of the course map that includes changes made in 2012.


Course Profile

Course Length – about 33 miles (distances are approximate, course is NOT certified). Vertical climb 3900 ft.

Course Description

The Oak Mountain 50K course runs through forested hills on mostly single track trail with two climbs up to the top of Double Oak Mountain (elevation gain ~600 ft). There are no repeating loops.

The course begins on the road behind the Dogwood Pavilion by the lake but soon enters the Yellow Trail and rolls over small hills, runs by the dam that created the old lake, along the shore of the old lake, and on to Maggie’s Glen where theYellow Trail merges briefly with the White Trail. The Yellow trail heads up hill through a fire damaged area and then down to the first aid station at the North Trailhead (8 mi.). We have an un-manned aid station at mile 4 in the middle of the Yellow Trail.

Peavine Falls crossing at mile 14

From the North Trailhead, the course heads up to the top of the south rim of Double Oak Mountain on the Blue Trail and then levels out for a few miles before reaching Peavine Falls, ending with a steep climb out of the Peavine Falls gorge (you will need your hands) to the second aid station at the Peavine Falls parking lot (6.7 mi. – 14.7 mi. cum.).

The White Trail leaves the Peavine Falls parking lot and runs along the Peavine Branch before turning left to cross the Red Trail (jeep road) where we have an un-manned aid station, then running over the highest point in the park (Shackleford point – 1260 ft.), followed by a rocky descent into Maggie’s Glen, finishing with a flat and easy run back into the first aid station at the North Trailhead (6.4 mi.-21.1 mi. cum.).

The course leaves the North Trailhead on the Red Trail (jeep road), heading up hill for 2-3 mi. along a stream, followed by 1-2 mi. of flat trail. The course turns left on the Green Trail along the top of the ridge and returns to the Peavine Falls parking lot and the second aid station (5 mi.-26.1 mi. cum.).

The course leaves the Peavine Falls aid station through the parking lot and down the Peavine Falls dirt road for 0.5 mi., before turning right onto the Red Trail (jeep road) for 0.5 mi., then turns left onto the B.U.M.P. mountain bike trail for a steep descent down Double Oak Mountain, crossing the dirt road with a few miles of rolling bike trail and finishing at the parking lot near the Dogwood Pavilion (5 mi.- 31.1 mi. cum).